Thursday, July 17, 2008

Photo equipment

I think I'm all set for the photo equipment for now. I got what I thought was important for an amateur. Here they are...

The Camera Nikon D40. An Entry level camera. If I was to give advice to anyone buying a new camera, I would say read all you can about it before purchasing. Seriously.. find out what kind of lenses you can use, how they mount, what kind of metering system it has and how does that meter compare to other cameras you may be interested in, how many focus points does it have, and what are they.

I find myself reading the reviews on my Nikon D40 now. Quite honestly if I had to do it all over again I would have bought the Nikon D300. However I do think this camera will be a good learning tool for me, and I'm going to try to get the best shots I can from my Nikon D40:)

Nikon SB-800 speed light.
Sekonic L-308S Light Meter, and gray card.
Sunpak 800I UT tripod. Regularly $75.00 on sale for $49.00!

The backdrop. I went to Jo-ann fabrics and bought 8X10 peice of cotton fabric and tye dyed it with Navy and black Rit. I like the way it turned out...and at only $17.00! Now I just need to work on the light and camera settings to get the right exposure.

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